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Bank Accounts: Your Financial Freedom Awaits

Capital Release Scheme

Capital Release Scheme (Refinance)

Refinance is a finance facility which provides a simple way of releasing equity in unencumbered assets or assets nearing the end of their original finance arrangements. The result is a speedy cashflow boost to a customer’s working capital.

Commercial Loans

What is a 'Commercial Loan'

A commercial loan is a debt-based funding arrangement between a business and a financial institution, typically used to fund major capital expenditures and or cover operational costs that the company may otherwise be unable to afford.

Commercial Mortgages

Mortgages for all types of business

Here at HCFL we can arrange the most competitive commercial mortgages for any property type including:

Company Acquisition / Disposal

If you’re planning to sell a business, HCFL and our partners could help you to secure the price you’re looking for.

Consultancy / Turnaround & Restructuring Services

HCFL can help with the restructuring and turnaround of your business. We can help manage and stabilize finances and operations to reassure all parties-in-interest that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value.

Contract Hire

Contract Hire is another form of hire contract that is typically used to finance the acquisition of new cars and light commercial business cars. It acts as a contract between the lease company providing the customer with the use of the vehicle for a fixed length of time or hire period.

Finance Lease

As a hire contract between the lender (the lessor) for vehicles or equipment over an agreed period of time (the hire period), a Finance Lease is a funding facility that allows a client full use of an asset without actually gaining title.

Hire Purchase

Get use of all the assets in your business now, whilst spreading cost of ownership

Invoice Discounting

Release the cash in your unpaid invoices Invoice Finance solutions

Property Investment

Investment in property has been and continues to be a popular form of investment by many people.

Renewable Energy

Across the UK and throughout the rest of the World we see increasing investment in Energy Efficient and Renewables assets.

Sale and Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback

Refinance options to help unlock the cash tied up in your equipment & assets.

Trade Finance

In an increasingly competitive world, identifying and working with suppliers globally is becoming more and more important to profitability. But doing so can add risk and complexity, as well as impacting on cashflow.

Trade Finance option can ease the whole process – from receipt of

VAT and Corporation Tax Funding

What is a tax loan?

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